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Welcome to Ry Bradley's online guitar training and community

Why are guitarists more frustrated and lost than ever before even though they have access to any training or lesson online, in most cases for free? 

You've probably participated in some kind of guitar training before, but if you're not where you wanted to be in your playing by now, you've probably missed one or more of the three most important pillars of musical training. Most experts don't remember what it was like to be at your level and most "teachers" teach the way they were taught. Neither of those consider the student's reasons and desires for playing a musical instrument or how to get the student to their goal as fast as possible. 

Rather than learning a song or a lick or a phrase individually then having to start all over to learn the next one you want to learn, Blackbelt Musician uses the kind of music you want to play to build a foundation of skills that allows you to build on top of what you already learned, eventually being able to quickly learn to play anything you want.

Blackbelt Musician courses are designed to give you the confidence to learn anything you want and the knowledge IN REALITY of what level you are at and what's next. 

No one can know everything, but a Blackbelt Martial Artist has the confidence and self-knowledge to learn fast. Similarly, a Blackbelt Musician has a solid foundation to learn any new song or style with ease and enthusiasm. Have you ever seen someone play a song they've never heard before and sound great? There's a path to get there. 


The 3 Pillars of Musical Training

Get information about the next Twang Hang, a monthly hangout with Ry and other guitar players just like you.

See you then!


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