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Currently based in Nashville, Ry Bradley's songs and albums have traversed rock & roll, country, rockabilly and more, and his newest songs have finally come around full circle to the roots of it all: Blues. "When I was 15 I lived on the north shore of Oahu, and it was big deal to go into Honolulu and get a cd. I was a punk rock kid, but when I got this rockabilly compilation on Sun Records, it was life-changing. That stuff hit me as harder and more raw and real than any punk record I was listening to at the time. I didn't know what the blues were, per se, but what I heard then was a magnet for me; the blues sounds were what I went for. The rock and roll I love lives inside the blues, they're inescapably linked." Bradley's latest single, the multi-entendre laden "Miss Treat Me Right," not only echoes his embrace of the music he holds closest to his heart, it represents freedom. "It's mostly about fear. At least it used to be. You get into the industry, try to make things that work. You make choices, you try to make money. I've finally gotten to the point where I don't care what anyone thinks anymore, I just want to play what I hear in my head. If you're really in this because you love making music and writing, then at some point you just don't give a shit and you've gotta do what you love the most. Regardless of what the world says or thinks, when you get to that point then you're being true to yourself and your craft."


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written by Ry Bradley and Jeff Silbar

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Talk to you soon! -Ry

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